Clearance Sale

This Sale a massive one, as we have recently recieved a load of stock back from a gallery which used to stock a lot of Dave's work but recently closed down.

We just don't have the storage space for it so it has to go!

Dave may have to give up producing artwork in the very near future...and so he's also keen to make the pieces that he has available as affordable as he can. This is so that everyone who would like to own a piece can at least have the chance to do so.

Some of the pieces listed in ths sale are at ridiculously low prices...despite them usually selling for some seriously high prices these days. 

All of the originals in the sale are at least half price...with some reduced to as little as a tenth of their original price - which makes some of them much less expensive than the giclée prints of the same image!

Even some of Dave's most popular pieces have been added to the sale, again with massive savings...Now this is what a real sale should look like!