Meet The Artist

Dave H is a UK based artist fast gaining a large following for his thought provoking paintings and sculptures.

His prints are becoming very collectable and his original paintings often sell before they are even completed.

As a British Army Veteran, the Remembrance Art/Poppy Art themes are extremely close to his heart - which is reflected in the highly emotive work that he creates. His paintings seem to strike a chord with most people who see it, not just servicemen or those with a military background.

After a 22 year career in the British Army, Dave went to University and trained as an Operating Department Practitioner, working in the Operating Theatres until he left to pursue a career as a full-time artist.

Dave is divorced, but his ex-wife Siobhan still helps out with the administrative support. They share custody of their 4 four children; Liam, Megan, Alex - and of course the youngest, Poppy. Poppy has herself already ventured into the art world and a poppy field she painted generated a lot of interest (over 4,000 likes on Facebook). It received numerous requests to purchase it (both the original and prints). It was sold in an auction for £120 - and she was only 5 years old!

She has continued to create artwork and now at 10 years old she has recently been accepted into a gallery herself.

It certainly looks like 'Poppy H' could also be a name to watch out for in the future!

If you do not see an item that you require please feel free to contact us and, if it is not something that's already in the pipeline, we will endeavour to accommodate your requests.