Original Painting - 'A Nations' Sorrow'


Sold Out

'A Nations' Sorrow' is a painting by Dave H, which depicts a simple image of a Police helmet alongside a single poppy flower.

Painting this iconic piece was Dave Hs' reaction to the horror he felt upon hearing of the tragic events that had unfolded in London on the 22nd of March 2017 - the dreadful injuries and senseless deaths caused by a terrorist attacker. In particular Dave was especially moved by the heroic actions of PC Keith Palmer who, despite being unarmed,  intervened and confronted the terrorist. Unfortunately PC Palmer subsequently lost his life as a result of the injuries he sustained during the incident. 

Dave painted this piece within 24 hours of the events, primarily because he felt the need to express his own emotions and painting is how he tends to portray his feelings.

The original painting was donated as a gift to the family of PC Palmer and Print number 1 of 933 was donated to PC Palmers' Police Station.