Clearance Sculptures and Casts

Dave stopped sculpting and casting a few years ago and has no plans to start again (at least for the foreable future). The items in this collection are literally the last of the sculptures and casts, which we came across when we recently cleared out Dave's home studio.

They are sold as seen - if they are painted they are painted, if they are not they won't be. They are solid casts and cannot be altered - badges can't be rotated, please don't bother to ask. Please check out the photographs with each cast as they are of the actual item.

Please do not contact us to ask for any other casts either - Dave no longer has the facility to create these. When they are gone, they're gone!

Each Poppy is individually cast in cold cast iron resin, then finished and polished by hand. Due to the expense involved in manufacturing each of the sculptures only the fronts have the steel finish, the backs are 'rough cast' in an effort to keep the prices down.

Each poppy is made with a shell of cold cast iron resin and filled with a resin and marble mix. They are individually cast and finished personally by the artist.

They are approximately 11-12.5 cm depending on which one is chosen and around 1-1.5cm thick. They all come with a display stand (which may vary from those in the photographs).

Dave is in talks with a casting company who are interested in producing some of his sculptures...we will announce any news on this on the Facebook and Instagram Pages.